What is Tank top?
When the burning days are upon us, a tank top is an inevitable item in the wardrobe but can you define it fully? Tank top is a type of shirt without sleeves and collar which can be worn as undershirts, athletic uniform or casual clothes depending on style and design. The word “ tank” means “ pool” or we can call a swimming pool a swimming tank. Perhaps you will wonder why we do not name this kind of shirt as “ pool tops”. It is funny but not nonsense. In previous times, tank tops can be known as swimming tanks or tank suits and they mostly were worn by females.
In general, tank tops were sleeves. The earliest tank top was pretty similar to the modern-day one but there was a little bit of difference relating to design. That tank top had an added piece that resembled shorts in order to cover the top half of the thighs. However, it has changed dramatically in the current day.